Did you know that not just men, but rats too, love lingerie!? 

At Concordia University in Montreal, an unusual, hilarious, albeit significant study was conducted to understand why humans love intimate lingerie so much.

During the study experiments, only virgin male rats were allowed to mate, with the rats wearing tiny jackets. When these males were released into the mixed general rat test group, they instinctively chose to mate with the jacket-wearing rats.

This is because the rats learned that if they saw the jackets, they would get to have sex. The study also discovered that rats who mated with females wearing jackets were happier after sex and more excited in general.

The researchers also came to the conclusion, that the rats could be taught to associate specific types of clothing with excitement, impending pleasure, and sex. The same thing is theoretically possible with us humans. Intimate lingerie elicits excitement, and anticipation for sex.

Because of this scientific explanation, it stands to reason that if you pair lingerie with acts of sex, your lover will learn to respond positively every time.

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