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Camisole & Tap Short








Rompers are essentially Camisoles combined with tap shorts - it's a one-piece slip-on dress with short shorts attached.

Often referred to as Teddy, a Bodysuit is essentially a brassier and an underwear combined.

Brassieres are a no brainer, they come in a variety of styles, including triangle, push-up, demi, balconette. A bralette is a brassiere without underwire or other structural features and offers less support.

Bustier is an extended bra top that typically covers the entire or nearly all of the torso, although some bustier bras end well above the belly button.

Camisole, also known as a Cami, is a slip-on lingerie tank top usually with spaghetti straps. They are usually paired with a Tap Short, a really short shorts.

Worn with a matching bikini or thong, a Chemise is a short slip-on dress. Babydoll is also a slip-on dress albeit slightly shorter, and usually falls just below the panties, they are similar but differ in their lengths.

Worn as a shapewear, Corsets clinches tight and squeezes the upper and the mid section to give a curvy shape or a smooth appearance to the torso.

Usually worn with a matching set of panties, a Garter belt or a Suspender belt has clips is used to hold up thigh-high stockings. It can be paired with almost any type of lingerie!

A bikini is a classic low rise cut underwear in the front while providing coverage in the back, paired with a sultry Brassiere or a Cami.

With only a thin strip of fabric exposing the backside, thongs are one of the most exposed types of intimate apparel. There are different types of thongs, like G-String, C-String, T-String etc.

One of the most common type of underwear worn by women, it's cut sits low on the hips and covers the back side with a little extra length on the bottom, providing more coverage, it lends a more youthful and trendy look than traditional cuts, like the bikini.

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